Thursday, December 24, 2009

today - xmas n my gerl's bday

aarghhh how i wish that i could give everything what my kids wants n needs. they have grown up n knows what life eldest gerl turns 18 today on xmas day. she has grown up n to be preety- like mummy..... i am proud when someone ask me - how old r u? proudly answer that i am 43 n i have 3 lovely kids n all grown up. guess what? they dont believe that i have a 18 year old gerl.....
saham naik tu..... n also they would say like - i thought that u r nye kalau orang ingat cam tu.. dah lebih lebih ni puji diri...anyhow to my eldest gerl. welcome to real world and open yea eyes widely. dont ever do things that can make yourself look silly. be proud of who u r. u r my gerl n always be my gerl not forgetting my second baby gerl... u r always cute to my eyes n to my son small monster.. no matter how mummy scold you u, there is always soft spot in me after the heavy scolding..ha..ha..ha

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Frens.....where r u....

When I woke up this morning I was like why suddenly am I thinking of my younger days...And again it was like lightning strike that I missed my frens namely Nizam, Apoi, Redzwa,Kak Chik ( I met her early of the month at a wedding ), ,Aya, Mini, Mokhsein, Ros, Misha, Norita, Ramli Frens where are you all la....
I tried using the facebook to look for them only Apoi je yang ada. The rest nope...... Then when I'm into the youtube looking for old songs like chaka khan, sade, quincy jones, james ingram lagi la teringat my frens yang dulu dulu tu.... How we tuang tuition to go giler buat keja tu every week - ohh Saturday from 3 to 6 pm and Sunday 1 - 3 pm and the place was at "Where Else " and Atlantis or Picaddily.
And now when I have kids, I make sure that I drive them to tuition and make sure that they really go for classes. No way for tuang tuang classes. My beloved can never lie to mummy as I have gone through the tactics...ha..ha...ha...ha

Monday, June 22, 2009

Out of Office

Ahaaaaaaaa.. I'm still off out of office. My 2nd week. .I missed my PC, comfortable chair , my messy table with papers all over especially my cabinet behind me. Mini kitchen...

My wait time..what's the percentage for the last week? Is all my tellers fine? I really missed them especially Deepak and Shuba who used to be cats n dogs..oopps not cats n dogs but elephant n lizard. Azura a petite girl who moves fast and Kalai a pleasant girl and not forgetting Zaim which at young age having high blood pressure...poor boy...Ho..ho..ho.. how could I fogot about my chief cashier where the keys hang around her neck 24 hours...Also a million thanks to Solihah and Siva who always cover teller during lunch time.

I luv ye' all

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Aaarghhh... whole body aching. Anyhow I had a great time yesterday - 20th June with my colleagues in Sunway Lagoon. Finally we had this family day of HSBC PJA in Sunway Lagoon after the big huhaa. The turn up was like pretty good eventhough not all managed to come but I salute to my tellers where all of them came including my kanama of cash room..... I LUV YE ALL FRONTLINERS........
Then we had games which need all of us to be divided into 4 groups and each group were known as SO WHAT, FATT SO, SO SO and SO HOT..... Before the games commenced we had to splash ourselves into the pool and OMG it was really fun like all over splashes, those with more than 80kgs... know what I meant... even the facilitator commented that it was his first time getting wet by us. Should see all of us were over excited than the kids... semua tak sedar diri.
Later in the afternoon after having lunch will be our free and easy. So those with the families are all over places with their kids and the single ones enjoying themselves . My 2 gerls enjoying themselves at the dry park whereas the little monster soaking himself in the pool and he has lots of stories to update what happened at the pool....
Guess what??? My little monster cried when we left the Screampark as he was terrified with those so called " ghost " in the Screampark. I left the 2 gerls and let loose and took the boy for swimming again. We left the lagoon at 5pm as my eldest gerl has appointment with her frens.
Well I do had a great time even the whole body of mine aching here and there....old age ah????

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grrrr......owing up gerl

You know why its grrrr....owing up gerl? Well that is for my eldest gerl who is now in Matrix, Tangkak, Johor. If you happen to read her blog, omg she's enjoying life in Matrix. I had a very tough time to convince her to further her studies in KMJ. The option came from Uniten in Bangi, few colleges, KMJ, UITM Bkt Mertajam. Well initially she has decided to go Uniten which nearer to our home and later came one after another offer of the U's. As a mother, I want the best for her and what she chooses that's going to be her path of life.
Mona came to my office late evening while waiting for Iman finishes her school and that is when we were talking about Natasya. ( Mona is like Natasya's 2nd mom as she always spend her time sleepover at her place and Mona's kids and mine are just like sisters and brothers though they were only cousins and we shared a lot common things together- mengumpat as well). Mona has done her level best to convince my gerl to go to KMJ and now its up to Natasya. Lastly she decided to Matrix but she wants to be in Kuala Pilah. OMG Kuala Pilah???? Mona asked me how I managed to counter her to go to Matrix and the answer was...UITM,Bkt Mertajam the journey will be like 4 hours, UNIKL in Kedah( matrix ) like 5 to 6 hours and maybe Kuala Pilah like 2 hrs and the place will be like deep inside kampung ( I am not sure about that but accordingly to my maklang it is futher deep and isolated ) and KMJ is like 1 and half hours and happenning town for kain langsir and kain ela...hee.hee.hee ). That is what I really meant tough to psycho her....

I promised her that if she doesn't like KMJ, at anytime she can come back and re apply at any U's in KL. Give a trial to that gerl... A week before the departure to KMJ can you belief that I am the one running here and there to get her documents ready...photocopy her certificates, get the hasil stamp ready but the only thing that I cant do is with her photograph..get her things ready and omg it is a huge chunk out of my pocket. its like changing her wardrobe tapi x apa la janji she wants to further studies in KMJ. All she does was going out with her frens for a week and she pulun it habis habisan and come back late nite. Tak pe... nanti dah masuk KMJ hah... no such happenings..hee...hee..hee. And for a week juga la every nite I was sob..sob...sob....

I shall continue more after this as I have to fetch my second gal from school

Reach Out n Laugh

Eemmmh... I wanna share this and if any of my ex colleague read this mesti jealous. ( mana yang x datang )

On the 5th of June Chek ( Fadillah ) invited most of the ex staff ( HSBC ) to her daughter's wedding in Tropicana ( damn I totally forgot about the camera - too eager thinking of the reunion.....reunion ke???? ). I was truly happy coz all the oldies are there....!!!!!!! They are still alive...hee..hee...hee. That nite long we were all laughing talking about those old days and the old ones still looking good... I mean they look healthy and some look handsome...hee..hee.hee and of coz the ladies look gorgeous not forgetting myself....definately....

Well, those that I totally havent seen them for almost 10 to 15 years were like Burn - old burn with his laugh, Razak - buddy to Burn and those days we called him Ibrahim Din coz he looks like him of his younger days, Ramli with his new wife....( P. Ramlee....hee..hee ), Aide from JB, Suhaimi kecik, Zaitun, Mahani, Jabbar, Nurbaya ,Barbara Park, Soo Fee, Mel, Jessie Phay- we used to meet at the bank and we will called ourselves as Ratu Cantik.... and not forgetting those who are still working in the bank namely Mohammad Hasan, Linda Cantik, Maznun and Rosli Cengkau. More a less as Jabbar was saying- this is like the bank's dinner . Watever it is called, I really enjoyed it and have fun so much. To Chek thank you for inviting me and for sure I really enjoy that nite. Tak rasa macam majlis org kahwin...sorrrryy chek :) Reach out to the oldies and LOL


My second gal insisted me having a blog. So here I am. Phew I'm having this 2 weeks out of office and its just like confuse whether am I happy to be out of office or vice versa. But for sure that I can wake up late than the usual time for office.
Today my little creature Aiman reminded me this morning " Mom please fetch me from school "
and the answer was " ehmmmm....." which I did not do so. Y ? I am so engrossed with the notebook downloading songs....I am learning bit by bit with the notebook and the fingers always here n there n everywhere. Its totally different from the office.Kat office tu besar bagak keyboard
Its okay, I will pay him back by doing it so tomorrow. Oops my little creature dah bising..Mom I am hungry so we are off to the mamak nearby.
I'll update whenever I have the free time. Thats 4 sure..........